A German degree is like a German car. Wins respect all over the world

What better example to explain the benefits of German engineering than their cars? Their build quality, aesthetics and power makes each of them an engineering marvel. That quality is a result of the quality of education that’s provided by the renowned engineering colleges in Germany. This is where IAS College makes a difference with its course designed for foreign students to reap the many benefits of German Education. First in the line is ICPF-Tech, created for qualified engineers from around the world to join their masters course in the finest of German Universities. Let’s see what all ICPF-Tech offers.

German Degree

Through ICPF-Tech, an MS in Germany is easy. ICPF-Tech is a one-year course offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach. The course comes with an Engineering Management module apart from several other modules that familiarizes students with the professional scenario in Germany. The intercultural modules are meant to expose students to the German culture and lifestyle, which includes training ranging from table-etiquette, presentation skills and much more. Another area that ICPF Tech will make an engineer smart in is the language. We have language training experts who can make your German strong enough to wade your way through the corporate ladder. In addition to general German, you will also learn technical German to equip yourself for the competitive industry scenarios. The engineering management module will provide students with a definitive advantage as management learnings are necessary for the emerging industrial practices which are getting increasingly competitive. At the end of the course, IAS College will award each student with a maximum of 60+ credits depending on the academic performance which they can partly use in the university they choose to do their masters in. These are a few reasons why ICPF-Tech should be your first option if you would like to pursue engineering masters in Germany.

This is a smart move for any ambitious engineer. Because, with an MS from Germany, you will win the respect and attention of global giants in the industry, just like a German car. If you are an engineer seeking growth in your career, there is no better way to do it than get a Masters from a German engineering college and to do that, the easiest path is ICPF-Tech.

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ICPF-Med: Doctors can now aim bigger


There are lots of medical colleges across the world and millions of students come out as qualified doctors, from them. A lot of them go on to practice in their own countries, and some, fly abroad. Qualified doctors who aren’t ready to settle down yet, those who want to expand their horizons and those who want to study further, look to Germany. That is where ICPF-Med comes into picture. This is a one-year course offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach to enable doctors to reap the exclusive benefits of German education and the medical sector in an easy, efficient way. So, how do we do it?

ICPF-Med is designed to give students a thorough understanding of how the medical sector functions in Germany, as well as training in German language and cultural nuances. All this is done in order to ensure students get an added advantage, when they apply to universities and in the future, when they enter their esteemed career. If an MD Specialization in Germany is your aim, this is just the course that will place you right in the path of your destiny. While pursuing ICPF-Med, you can explore the possibilities of a Facharzt in Germany. Whether it is an Approbation in Germany or a specialization, this course makes it all possible. In short, this course is your perfect answer to how to Study Medicine in Germany. At the end of the year, students will receive 60+ credits which will come in handy when they join their preferred university.

Medical Colleges in Germany have an edge over others because of the quality of infrastructure, faculty, curricula and other facilities that are available here. And therefore, a specialization or a Masters from Germany is valued all over the world. So, if you think, as a qualified doctor you need to go further, this is your solution. Go ahead, find more details about the course on the website.

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Taking Engineers to a Global Path


ICPF-Tech ( Study Engineering in Germany ) is a one-year course offered by IAS College to bring qualified engineers from around the world to the benefits of German higher education. If you have just finished your course and if you want to broaden your horizons by doing masters, Germany is the best place and IAS is your best option to get there. This course will give you a definitive advantage from the time you land in this country and throughout your career, wherever in the world it takes you. We have produced batch after batch of successful students who have gone on to do masters or specialization courses in their respective areas and while you are here at IAS, you can also plan your career and move forward accordingly.

Masters in Germany is not an easy task. Engineering especially, is a much sought-after field, this country being the world leader in manufacturing industry and other engineering fields. That is why IAS has designed this course in such a way that students who enroll will not only get a thorough exposure to German language, but they get a good education in their own field, with special inputs as to how particular companies function. We have also added an engineering management module to ICPF Tech, so that students get a management edge as well, when they join their masters and subsequently their dream career. Apart from training in their areas of interest, language, cultural ethos and practises, students will also receive 60+ credits which they will be able to use partly in their masters course.

In short, ICPF Tech is your easiest and efficient way to your Engineering Masters in Germany. It gives you an added advantage of having a good knowledge in how the German system works and also is a risk-free and secure way of joining your preferred course, because you can explore all your options from the country itself. To summarise, you will be always ahead.

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How to Re-Engineer your future in Germany?


ICPF-Tech is a one-year course designed to enable qualified engineers from all over the world to get eligible for Masters in Germany. If you are an engineer and you have got big dreams, this could be the ticket for that dream journey. Let us explain why this is a golden opportunity for all engineers. Germany is the land of ideas and their engineering is renowned for its efficiency, quality and output. This advantage comes from the universities in the country. This quality is a result of the excellent education that is provided in the colleges here, which maintain high quality of teaching and students are made to excel in their chosen areas. So, when you do Masters here, at least one global engineering giant is bound to take notice because they know what kind of quality they can expect of a German educated engineer.

So how does ICPF Tech work? Offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach, this course will equip you with exemplary knowledge in how German industry functions and how can you, make a mark of your own in that competitive scenario. This is your perfect solution to How to Study Engineering in Germany. If your aim is a free MS in Germany, ICPF-Tech will cater to more than your needs. Studying Engineering in Germany is not simple when you take the usual route, but when you go through IAS, it’s so much easy and practical. This course has German (A1-C1 level), technical German and lots of provisions to help you familiarize with the industry such as factory visits, seminars and social and cultural integration programs. This course is also packed with an Engineering Management module, making students aware and well-prepared for the managerial challenges they will have to handle when they enter their career. At the end of the course, you will also receive 60+ credits you can use when you join your masters.

So, we do not see a reason why you should wait. There is a high demand for engineers in Germany and this might just be the moment you are waiting for.

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MD Specialization in Germany. The Dream Comes One Step Closer

Approbation in Germany

Yes, that’s what happens when you choose to make the smart move. ICPF-Med is a one-year course that helps qualified doctors from around the world to do their Higher Studies in Germany. This may sound like any other preparatory course but when you discover the exclusive benefits of this course, you will know that this is a unique course.

ICPF-Med is offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach to make Facharzt in Germany an achievable dream. ICPF Med is designed around the prospects of a budding medical professional. In a year’s time it will make you proficient in German language so that the first block to your masters and a brilliant career is taken off the track. Also it will familiarise you in fields that are necessary for your chosen discipline and gets you in groove with the procedures and method of working as practised by the hospitals and clinics here. Acquiring approbation, admission to your preferred universities and exposure to new learning methods and getting used to the professional atmosphere in this foreign country – these are a few of the benefits that this course gives you. In the end comes a surprise though. You get 60+ credits that you can put to use in your university. This means by the time you enter your choice of university, you are well-versed with the professional practices in your area of expertise, the German language, lifestyle, culture and people. Rarely do students enter a foreign university with all that advantage. It will definitely give you an added edge when it comes to academics. Now that’s going to come handy, isn’t it, doctors?

So, that’s what ICPF Med (Study Medicine in Germany) is all about. You get to your dream a little faster and more efficiently than through any other route.

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IAS College:The Guide to Students Seeking German Education

Facharzt in Germany

IAS College has always held up one value – quality. And that’s exactly what students from across the world looking for when they search for a German University for their higher studies. Be it Bachelors in Germany or Masters, MD Specialization in Germany (Facharzt) or Approbation in Germany, all of these are easily achievable when you approach it through IAS. It is anybody’s dream to travel to Europe, study in a world-class university and to live an exciting life. Now you can make it all come true, without the kind of effort it used to take say, 20 years back. Our courses make them come true. That’s what make them exemplary.

IAS College and University of Allensbach have designed several courses that enhance the possibilities and also broaden the experience of global students. They are crafted with an intention of providing students with necessary knowledge in German language, exposing them to the professional atmosphere of this highly competitive environment and make them prepared for a challenging yet rewarding career. Why is it important to be prepared for the Higher Study Courses in Germany is because this is a country that is rooted in a work culture that is absolutely ethical, competitive and fulfilling. Students need to be at their best. Apart from such wholesome training, the ICPF series provide students with 60+ plus credits which they can use in their universities when they enroll for their higher study courses. IAS College is dedicated to opening the gateways of bigger opportunities for students worldwide and is committed to bring out the quality through education and training.

If you have dreams of studying in Germany and widening your career opportunities, IAS is a sureshot path which will take you to your destination without any trouble. So before you start too over think, head over to our website and discover unlimited opportunities.

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Do an Engineering Masters in Germany and Master the World


Study Engineering in Germany and we promise you, your destiny will change. How to Study Engineering in Germany? Let us tell you. And we will tell you not just how to do it, but, we will help you do it in a way that’s most efficient and most beneficial for your career. So, let’s get started.

IAS College, together with University of Allensbach offers ICPF-Tech, a well-crafted and carefully designed course for qualified engineers from around the world who are looking to do Masters in Germany. Now, this is a course unlike anything you have come across. It’s not just one of those preparatory course. In a year’s time, the course gives you necessary German language skills plus technical proficiency in areas that are relevant to your discipline. And we have added Engineering Management module to this course just so that you have that added advantage when you get into masters and then your career. This is created to give you a definitive understanding of business principles and management practises that comes to play in engineering field. It will broaden your knowledge about how the industry is run. Now comes the icing on the cake. On completion, you get 60+ credits that you can use in the university you choose to enroll. How about that? So here is a smart path that lead you to a life full of excitement, knowledge and fun in this wonderful land of ideas. Skip it at your own risk.

We have an alumni of successful students who went on to do masters and then made highly rewarding careers. But, let us not brag about it. Check out the course mandatories and you will find out this course can not just launch you into your future, it will make you smart, for life.

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