Do an Engineering Masters in Germany and Master the World


Study Engineering in Germany and we promise you, your destiny will change. How to Study Engineering in Germany? Let us tell you. And we will tell you not just how to do it, but, we will help you do it in a way that’s most efficient and most beneficial for your career. So, let’s get started.

IAS College, together with University of Allensbach offers ICPF-Tech, a well-crafted and carefully designed course for qualified engineers from around the world who are looking to do Masters in Germany. Now, this is a course unlike anything you have come across. It’s not just one of those preparatory course. In a year’s time, the course gives you necessary German language skills plus technical proficiency in areas that are relevant to your discipline. And we have added Engineering Management module to this course just so that you have that added advantage when you get into masters and then your career. This is created to give you a definitive understanding of business principles and management practises that comes to play in engineering field. It will broaden your knowledge about how the industry is run. Now comes the icing on the cake. On completion, you get 60+ credits that you can use in the university you choose to enroll. How about that? So here is a smart path that lead you to a life full of excitement, knowledge and fun in this wonderful land of ideas. Skip it at your own risk.

We have an alumni of successful students who went on to do masters and then made highly rewarding careers. But, let us not brag about it. Check out the course mandatories and you will find out this course can not just launch you into your future, it will make you smart, for life.


About IAS College - Study in Germany

International Academy of Students (IAS) is offered Students study abroad in Germany. IAS has been helped number of students to achieve their dream land. IAS is presented with expertise and intellectual capabilities for students interested in Studying Germany. We are focused ICPF-Tech for Engineers, ICPF-Med for Medical Doctors, PSP for foreign peoples those who have completed their School level, this courses are useful to students. Visit More Details:
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