From a Doctor to Super Doctor. How ICPF-Med Helps



Whether you want to be a globe-trotting medical professional or a settle in a European country, MD Specialisation in Germany is what you have to do if you are a qualified doctor. And not just because there are plenty of jobs for Medical Doctors in Germany, a masters from any university in this country is valued across the world and you can reserve a special place in profession as well. ICPF Med, offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach makes Facharzt in Germany easily achievable. Also, for medical doctors, acquiring approbation is not a difficult process when you have done this one-year course which makes you fit to excel your way in this country and in your profession.

To become the super doctor you want to be, you must put in a lot of effort for sure. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get any help. A course such as ICPF Med helps you to achieve your goal easier than you can imagine. Getting admission in a German university is a competitive affair. This course not only gives you the competitive edge with the intercultural training, professional enhancement modules and credits that you can use in your masters course. Masters is available in English and is free which is exactly why it is tough to get it. But ICPF Med makes it totally possible. The language skills you acquire during this one year will prove crucial to your entire time in Germany. IAS has a rich tradition of enabling students find their destiny in this land of ideas. Now is the right time to make the jump and shift to Germany.

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Presenting AQUAS. Go Global with your Bachelors

AQUAS - Study Bachelors in Germany

It’s a big question. What to do after school? If Germany is on your radar for higher studies, then IAS College is your jet-plane to get there. AQUA is a pre-bachelor program that enables foreign students to enter their graduation course in Germany with ease. Doing a Bachelors Course in Germany is going global in its true sense because your world will get big here, and the world would get after you for your skills. Such is the quality of education in this country and if you are up to it, let’s find out more about AQUAS. It’s the easiest way to your Bachelors Degree in Germany.

AQUA helps you get an easy entry into University of Applied Sciences. Now this is a university that gives you unlimited opportunities in various fields. Innovation is the base of professional training here as students will be sensitised and prepared for their respective industries across the world. It is a rare opportunity to ease into a beneficial career-oriented education system without the difficulties you would face otherwise. It not only would settle you for life, but broaden your horizons in ways you might not be able to visualise at this stage. Studying Bachelors in Germany has unlimited advantages which makes a course like AQUAS the smartest option to go for.

Made up your mind yet? There is no hurry, but think about the fabulous life you could lead in this magnificent country and a fruitful career you could establish in the world’s most competitive industry. So if Studienkolleg in Germany is your dream, wake up to AQUAS right away.

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Why is Engineering in Germany So Special?

Why is Engineering in Germany

If we start giving you reasons to Study in Germany, we can never stop. But let’s try anyway and talk about engineering courses. Take any example of fine engineering and chances are that they are made in Germany. Such is the quality of design, production and manufacturing in this country. The cars are the finest example. All the luxury cars renowned for their precision and features are from Germany. But have you ever wondered what the source of such quality comes from? German Universities. German education system is fine-tuned to cater to this world-class industry.

So, Master Studies in Germany are not just another higher studies option for engineers. It is the first thing to consider when you get out college as a qualified engineer. ICPF Tech helps you leverage this opportunity in the easiest, most efficient way. This one year course will not only ready you for a wonderful time in Germany, it will equip you with 60-plus credit points you can use in your prospective university and also makes you familiar with the demands of your profession. Not to mention the cultural training you will receive which will come handy when you start your career while making the Student Life in Germany completely trouble-free. Play your cards right and landing a free MS in Germany will prove more than easy. Now once you do ICPF Tech and subsequently MS in Germany, you have unlimited career options within the country, all over Europe and the whole world. Yes, that is why Engineering in Germany is so special. It is respected and sought-after worldwide. So make your plans right now and join ICPF Tech offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach.

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This Summer Tour Germany and Change Your Life

Summer Tour Germany

The IAS Summer Tour is here. If you are thinking this summer you must have fun and do something worthwhile, well, we have something more to offer. A 14 days’ tour that will change everything you know about Germany, give you a whole new perspective about your higher studies and career, and have loads of fun doing that. Sounds too good to be true? Here are some of the features of the tour to give you a heads up. Keep in mind that this is a students-only tour.

  1. Visit mega-factories and health care – sector
  2. Access to world’s biggest technological parks
  3.  Study in Germany, checking out of opportunities for Engineering, Management and Medicine
  4. Subject oriented lectures and German language classes
  5. Direct consultation with admission team for future studies
  6.  Explore German lifestyle and culture
  7.   Visit to Paris and Amsterdam
  8. Certificate of participation from a German college

In short, in 14 days you will learn everything you need to know about Germany. Imagine two long weeks with like-minded students who have the same interests and passions that you do. Imagine exploring the land of ideas with them and think of how much fun you will have learning from the masters. If you have seen the documentaries about mega factories in the world, this is your chance to be in one of them. Plus, we have designed the entire package to be student friendly that means it comes in your kind of budget.

Go for it. Make this an unforgettable summer.

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Get your Specialisation in Germany and go Places


Germany is in the forefront of advanced medical research today. How did this country emerge as one of the leading destinations for qualified doctors? To begin with, the research in the medical field is well-coordinated and provided with ample facilities across the country. That makes the MD Specialization in Germany full of scope and possibilities. And the clinical atmosphere is both professional and welcoming. The course offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach for qualified medical doctors, ICPF – Med, is designed to equip them to get the best out of German medical education and in the long run, the medical sector.  Let us tell you how to get through your choice of  Medical College in Germany.

For qualified doctors who are looking to specialize in any medical field, this course comes highly recommended because it is structured in such a way as for them to earn credits and prepare themselves for higher studies with much more ease. Facharzt in Germany is thus an easily attainable target if you put your mind into it. Students can not only channelize their knowledge into the German system but also imbibe necessary tools to perform well in the medical sector here. Young doctors get holistic training in their specialised area as well as every bit of cultural and language exposure they need in order to excel in a competitive professional arena. ICPF – Med gives you credits as well, which will be invaluable when you pursue your masters after the one-year course. This course not only gives you a definite advantage over other aspirants who want to pursue higher studies in Germany but it also makes you smart enough to find your way through a system that’s known for its efficiency and a sharp eye for perfection. Acquiring Approbation in Germany hence, is not a hard task anymore, if you choose IAS.

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Students Who Arrive in Germany Fly off as Professionals

Students Arrival in Germany

It’s true. And not just a professional, you will be among the most sough-after candidates all over the world. Such is the reputation of German Universities and colleges. It’s no wonder why Germany has become the top higher-education destination in the world. Thanks to its efficient faculty and highly modernised infrastructure, Colleges in Germany produce the best professionals for the rest of the world. That’s why Student Arrivals in Germany is the most welcomed event in the country.

If you Want to Study in Germany, the options are numerous. But to make the most of your time in Germany, you need to be in the right university, doing the right course. Also to excel in your studies, you need to be familiar with German language, culture and lifestyle because all that will boost your reach and influence while attending interviews or joining a job. That’s where IAS comes in. With well-crafted courses for engineers, doctors, nurses and even students who want to pursue Bachelors in Germany, IAS and University of Allensbach offer students from across the world exclusive benefits. Whenever admissions open in Germany, we will have our batch of students fully prepared and ready with 60+ credit points that they can use during their masters. And this is why recruiters from all over chase graduates from Germany. They know the quality and they are willing to pay.

Before you enter masters, you already are familiar with the professional landscape of the country, and you know what to do in each step of the way. That’s the reason why IAS College exists. We power up your resume, polish your life-skills and make you ready for an exciting life in Germany. Whether it’s finding Student Hostels in Germany or room rent in Schwerin or an internship in a mega factory, the kind of training you receive at IAS will be sufficient for you to discover anything you need in this country. So don’t delay the wise decision. Start browsing courses at our website. All the best.

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